Drop Shippping

Wholesale Only

Please note that that UKSM Trade is a wholesale only website and we do not accept drop shipping orders.  If we suspect that you are using UKSM Trade for drop shipping we will cancel the affected orders and reserve the right to close your account at any time.


UK Shopping Mall Drop Ship Portal

Although UKSM Trade does not accept drop shipping, we do have a number of partners who have over the years expressed an interest in drop shipping and as such we have developed a bespoke drop shipping portal at www.dropshipmall.co.uk

This portal is run by UK Shopping Mall Ltd with the same great products and excellent service that you find at UKSM Trade and across all of our stores however we only accept drop ship orders on this portal.  The portal has been designed to provide a frictionless experience tailored for how drop shippers work and we hope you enjoy it.


Can I use both UKSM Trade & Drop Ship Mall?

Yes you can, we support customers who want to use both websites however you can only order in wholesale on UKSM Trade to your warehouse, whereas drop ship mall will allow you to ship to your customer's address

Do I need a different account on Drop Ship Mall?

Yes, you need a separate account UKSM Trade to Drop Ship Mall and they are not linked going forward.

Are the same products on Drop Ship Mall?

We have curated a catalogue specifically for Drop Ship Mall, categorised and selected to better serve drop shippers. While the vast majority of products from UKSM Trade are now available on Drop Ship Mall, we may have removed a few items that are not suitable for drop shipping. Furthermore, we have expanded the range of drop ship suitable items in other areas. If you are searching for a specific product on any of our websites that you would like to drop ship but cannot find it on Drop Ship Mall, please contact us, and we will ensure it gets listed.

What features does Drop Ship Mall have?

The new features of this portal over our other wholesale websites are

  • Streamlined checkout process (concentrating on your customers information)
  • Ability to enter your customers email address and mobile phone number so they get tracking directly from the courier and can communicate with them (note we will still update you on the tracking when it leaves as well and you'll also be able to find this information on your account home)
  • Ability to enter you order number for reference later on
  • No VAT will be charged if you are sending to an international customer
  • Ability to enter an IOSS number if you have already taking this order as part of the IOSS scheme (i.e. on Amazon, Etsy, eBay etc)
  • One click downloadable invoices from the order summary screen
  • Product Catalogue & Price Feeds
  • Build your own catalogue section for easy ordering
  • Daily price change emails based on your custom catalogue (remember you must turn this on in your settings
  • Delivery Note settings (with future settings to come)
  • Saved Cards for easy payment